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Access Design & Engineering is the industry’s most experienced installer of metalwork solutions. Its core value is to give clients satisfaction from design to installation, peace of mind & value engineering with safety ensured.

Sector: Rail Platforms

Access Design & Engineering have developed a complete modular GRP station platform.

The construction consists of a GRP Sub-Structure and deck. Alternatively, the hybrid system has a steel Sub-Structure, both systems are used for new platforms as well as platform extensions or replacements. it is lightweight, modular, faster and easier to install. This development will benefit the rail industry and its contractors by offering SHORTER installation times than traditional systems with no cost penalty, reduced possession times and low long-term maintenance.

East Midlands Parkway – Rail platform installation

ADE have pioneered the use of large, high strength, GRP pultruded sections which offer a lightweight structural, rapid installation solution. the latest product range is designed to achieve a fit-for-purpose system for the Railway industry.
Manufactured off-site, the system is modular and lightweight which is critical in the construction of railway stations or extensions, faster to install, reduces possession time – keeping people away from the tracks once the leading edge is installed. the system also reduces civils and heavy machinery requirements and is ready for immediate use.
Alongside the reduced installation time, the GRP Modular System also reduces the risk of Network Rail and civil engineering contractors – delivering significant cost benefits to all parties –  working towards a 7 day railway.


Case Studies

East West Rail – Phase 1

Supply of  GRP walkways and approximately 1km of GRP parapet handrail to bridges for Network Rail.    

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