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ADE have pioneered the use of large, high strength, GRP pultruded sections which offer a lightweight structural, rapid installation solution. the latest product range is designed to achieve a fit-for-purpose system for the Railway industry. Manufactured off-site, the system is modular and lightweight which is critical in the construction of railway stations or extensions, faster to install, reduces possession time - keeping people away from the tracks once the leading edge is installed. the system also reduces civils and heavy machinery requirements and is ready for immediate use. Alongside the reduced installation time, the GRP Modular System also reduces the risk of Network Rail and civil engineering contractors - delivering significant cost benefits to all parties -  working towards a 7 day railway.

Station Platforms

Network rail Approved single and island platforms designed to accommodate platform services/furniture.

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Debris Screens

Non-conductive GRP mesh screens available for new and existing platforms.

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Back of Platform Fencing

Various GRP & steel fence designs available for fixing to platform steel sub-structure.

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End of Platform Fencing

Non-conductive GRP fencing and gates manufactures to suit any width platform.

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End of Platform Stairs

Modular GRP stairs, pre-assembled off site for speedy installation.

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GRP Ballast Retention Systems

Ballast/soil retention on embankments and around cabinets and equipment.

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GRP Drivers Walkways

Lightweight, quick and easy to install, manufactured to suit any length.

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GRP Ramps

Designed with full calculations, fabricated and installed.

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Bridge Flooring

Wide range of GRP products for bridge/walkway refurbishment.

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LOC Cabinet Structures

GRP track side structures are used alongside railway tracks for the positioning of a variety of electrical railway equipment.

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Depot Walkways

Steel and GRP maintenance walkways and associated products.

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